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Our skills turn your ideas into reality! Fixit&Fit are your friend in the trade to make sure that your job gets done properly and your needs are taken care off.


I want our customers to come back time after time,  here at Fixit & Fit we take pride in every aspect of our work and we aim to deliver 100% customer satisfaction every time, its our customers that will make our business grow, so providing reliable and quality services, whist keeping fair and honest fees is the very ethos of what we do.


Some years ago, I employed a local builder to make a small repair to the roof of my property, he told me that the work would be fully paid for by my insurance company and as such he would fix the problem and I would not need to pay up front.  He then carried out the repair and his bill for just over an hours work came to £500.  I was staggered.  I wouldnt mind but I know the guy well as he had worked on my property before.  He got his money, and I never employed him again.  I am disgusted that there are people out there who behave in this way.   I know that the vasy majority of trades people are good honest and hard working, but there are those out there who will abuse the system.   I can promise you this with Fixit&Fit you wll never be overcharged and we always guarantee our work - each time and everytime.


Thank you for visiting this website and we hope to be of help very soon


Simon Wilkinson - 

Founder - Fixit & Fit

The benefits of working with us – at a glance

  • We will do exactly the work required - nothing more - nothing less
  • We will give a FREE quotation and guarantee it for 3 months
  • Reccomend us to your family and friends and we will reward your loyalty.


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New office opening

We are proud to announce the opening of the second office in Bolton.

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